Full Wedding Officiant Package

With more than 5 years experience officiating weddings, I know how to create the personal ceremony you've always wanted and will work with you until we get it just right. One of my biggest compliments is when your guests think you had a friend perform your ceremony, because that is exactly what I'll strive to be for you throughout this process.


Before you make any commitment, we'll meet in person if possible (by video chat if not) and I'll ask you a series of questions about your relationship--how you met, how you envision your lives together, and what you want out of your wedding ceremony. We'll go through all of the components of a wedding ceremony, discussing what is legally required and what else you might want to add or want me to research, especially with regard to readings and traditions.


After you've chosen me to be your officiant, I'll provide a draft of your custom ceremony and we'll work in tandem to edit it to perfection. I love a personalized ceremony, so am happy to take the time to make it just right. I'll guide you in how to procure your marriage license and answer any questions you may have leading up to your wedding day. On the day of your wedding, I'll show up early and be dressed neutrally (usually a black dress and jacket). I'll bring along your ceremony script as well as print-outs of any readings or blessings you may be having other people read. I'll oversee the signing of your marriage license and take care of sending that into the city/county/town clerk within a couple of days afterwards. I don't usually stay for receptions, but will join you for a drink during cocktail hour if asked.

I live in Norwalk, CT and am available for wedding ceremonies throughout Connecticut and New York (I'm a registered officiant with the New York City Clerk's Office). That said, I've traveled as far as Texas and California for weddings, so feel free to inquire if you're a bit further away. My starting rate is $650, but I may charge a travel fee or ask for hotel reimbursement depending on your venue location (see FAQ for more details). This rate includes up to 2 hours of my time on-site at your wedding (more time can be added for a fee), and does not include rehearsals.

Custom Ceremony and Coaching

Do you want to have a friend or family member officiate your wedding ceremony but have little idea of what you want them to say? I'm here to be your guide. I'll meet with you as a couple as well as your chosen officiant through video chat and we'll go through the plan for your ceremony step-by-step. I'll share with you my ceremony template and explain all of the components that are legally required as well as what you might want to add in order to personalize your wedding, including readings and traditions. If you'd really like your officiant to write something specifically for your ceremony, I'll work with him or her to edit it for clarity, flow, and grammar. We'll go back and forth until your ceremony script is perfect. I'll also give practical advice to your officiant about public speaking, how to handle different aspects of your ceremony, and being a confident ceremony leader.

This service is available worldwide regardless of where you're having your ceremony. The total cost is $500 and includes a 90-minute video consultation with you and your officiant, a draft of your custom wedding ceremony written by me, unlimited revisions and emails, and a  half-hour video or phone consultation with your officiant to review the final ceremony script.

Wedding Vow Writing

After 5 years of officiating weddings, I've witnessed my fair share of personalized wedding vows. I think this is such a fun concept and the best way to personalize your ceremony. But far too often it seems that one partner is super excited about writing personal vows while the other is, well, less excited. Do you have nerves about public speaking? Are you nervous you won't be able to come up with the perfect, heartfelt words to tell your partner on the momentous day of your wedding? Do you simply hate writing? I feel you! All of these thoughts and emotions are totally normal.

When you hire me to write your wedding vows, I won't be pulling words out of thin air. We'll have a one-hour video consultation where I'll ask you about your relationship, what you want out of marriage, and how you see your future together with your partner. I'll take notes and understand your personality and way of speaking. Then I'll articulate your wedding vows, often including direct quotes from our conversation, and present to you a draft (up to 500 words). We'll go back and forth editing your vows until they are perfect, and I'll give you speaking tips including where to pause and which words to emphasize in a final phone call.

This service is available worldwide regardless of where you're having your ceremony. The total cost is $300 ($500 for a couple) and includes a one-hour video consultation with you, a draft of your custom wedding vows written by me, unlimited revisions and emails, and a half-hour video or phone consultation with you to review the final vow script.

Wedding Vow Editing

Have you already written your vows but want a professional editor to give them a once over? I'll work with you to finesse your wedding vows to perfection. We'll start with a half-hour video or phone consultation so I can learn about your relationship as well as what sentiment you are hoping to elicit with your wedding vows. After you share your draft with me, I'll mark them up looking out for things like grammar, clarity, and flow. I'll make sure ​humor is well balanced and double-check for redundancies. All in all, I'll make you feel confident with the words you will share with your love on your wedding day.

This service is available worldwide regardless of where you're having your ceremony. The total cost is $125 ($200 for a couple) and includes a half-hour video or phone consultation with you, a full edit of your wedding vows, unlimited revisions and emails, and a fifteen-minute video or phone consultation with you to review the final vow script.